Connectors are services or components that work with the mobile flows server. Connectors can be configured to fetch user-specific information that enables mobile flows to work on the configured user devices.

The connectors fetch user-specific information from the business systems that are behind an organization's internal firewall and send responses back to the user's mobile application. The connectors are specific to each business system. For example, you have to configure and deploy a Salesforce connector if you want to fetch information from a Salesforce business system and respond to mobile flows request. For more information on the available connectors and information on configuring the connectors, see Configure Connectors from Workspace ONE UEM console.

Provision mobile flows

  • If you are a shared SaaS Workspace ONE UEM user, GEM service enables the mobile flows Admin UI in the Workspace ONE UEM console when you purchase the mobile flows solution or Workspace ONE Enterprise SKU.

  • If you are a dedicated SaaS Workspace ONE UEM user, you can place an order and VMware Deployments or the SaaS Operations team enables the Admin UI on the Workspace ONE UEM console by executing a SQL script in your database.

  • If you are an On-Premises Workspace ONE UEM user, you can download the SQL script to run on the Workspace ONE UEM database to enable the mobile flows Admin UI. You need the locationgroupID where the mobile flows admin UI is to be enabled and the flag value to run the SQL script. To download the script and for more information, see Workspace ONE Resources.