Configure mobile flows for supported client applications such as VMware Boxer.

VMware Boxer is the email client provided to you by VMware. Apart from numerous email management features, you can configure and deploy custom application configurations to the Boxer app from the Workspace ONE UEM console. Mobile flows can be configured with Boxer using the application configuration keys provided by VMware AirWatch.


  1. Log in to the Workspace ONE UEM console.
  2. Navigate to Apps & Books > Public.
  3. Select the VMware Boxer application in the List View, select Assign, and select Add Assignment.
  4. Navigate to the Optional Application Configuration section of the Add Assignment page and add the configuration keys for enabling and configuring the Mobile Flows.
    Table 1. Application Configuration Keys

    Configuration Key

    Value Type

    Configuration Value




    True - enabled

    False - disabled

    Set to True to enable Mobile Flows for Boxer.



    Provide as the URL for the Mobile Flows host.

    Define the URL for the Mobile Flows host.



    Provide a valid URL for authenticating the device users through VMware Identity Manager. For example,

    Defines the URL for the device user to authenticate using the VMware Identity Manager instance.



    Provide a sync value in hours. For example, 24.

    Mobile flow cards are not requested for emails sent before the entered value.



    False - Disabled (default)

    True - Enabled

    If enabled, when turning on Mobile Flows, all connectors are activated in succession. Enable this option only when all connectors are configured with VMware Identity Manager.

  5. Select Add and then select Save.