Starting with SEG version 2.12, SEG supports the ability to configure a different hostname for processing Exchange Web Service (EWS) traffic. The following procedure describes the steps to configure a different hostname for processing EWS traffic.


  1. In the SEG file locate and modify the value.
    Note: For SEG version 2.17.0 or later, with the Workspace ONE UEM console version 20.10 and later, perform the SEG configuration using the custom gateway settings. To understand the SEG custom gateway settings, see the SEG Custom Gateway Settings topic.

    For SEG version before 2.17.0, SEG continues to use the default configuration (pre-defined configuration). If the custom settings feature is not available, manually update the respective files at the individual node and modify the SEG configuration.

  2. Enter the hostname and port of the email server that handles the EWS requests.
  3. Save the file.
    Note: The email server related settings utilized by SEG such as server timeout, ignoreSslErrorsWithExchange, and so on is obtained from the email server provided in the MEM configuration wizard.

    When you upgrade SEG, the always take the default value as false. On SEG upgrade, you can retain this setting in the file.

    For email servers using a self-signed certificate, you must add that certificate to the Java trustStore on the SEG server. If the certificate is added to the trustStore after SEG installation, you must rerun the SEG installer.