SEG provides secure access to your organization's on-premise email as part of the Unified Access Gateway (UAG) platform. Before deploying SEG on UAG, you must complete the MEM configuration using the Workspace ONE platform.

SEG has the following constraints when deployed on UAG:

  • The SEG service on the UAG appliance listens on the port as configured under the Server Settings in the MEM configuration.
  • The UAG does not support any non-encrypted protocols. Therefore, SEG only supports SSL re-encryption (SSL bridging) or SSL pass through.
  • If your API server or email server is using self-signed certificates, the corresponding trusted certificates must be uploaded through the UAG Admin UI or referenced during the PowerShell deployment.
  • SEG on UAG always uses port 5701 and 41232 for the clustering ports in the MEM configuration. You cannot configure clustering ports other than 5701 and 41232 with UAG.
  • Consider deploying SEG on dedicated UAG instances as SEG requires additional resources that might strain your existing deployment. The Workspace ONE team is evaluating the performance of combining SEG with other edge services on UAG.

For more information about the SEG support on UAG, see the Secure Email Gateway on Unified Access Gateway topic in the Deploying and Configuring VMware Unified Access Gateway guide.