Migrating the SEG from the Classic platform to the V2 platform is simple, as the existing SEGs continue to function without interruption to the end-user experience.

You must first update the Mobile Email Management (MEM) configuration in the console in order to support the V2 platform. You can update the MEM configuration in one of two ways:

  • Create a new MEM configuration - If you use the same external URL there can be some delay in the policy updates. This delay is reconciled as part of the regular SEG policy refresh as configured in the advanced settings. After configuring the V2 platform, you can disable or remove the existing configuration.
  • Upgrade an existing configuration - You can edit the existing SEG configurations and upgrade it to include the necessary settings for the V2 platform. This migration maintains the existing Classic configuration settings and does not affect the existing SEG servers.

You can upgrade your existing SEG software to the V2 platform without interrupting the current SEG functionality. To upgrade, run the installer for the SEG V2 platform on the existing SEG server. After completing the installation, disable the World Wide Publishing service and restart the SEG service. This action transfers the device connections, refreshes the 443 listener from IIS, and allows the new SEG service to claim it. You can also run the V2 platform on a distinct port and connections transferred over at the network layer. To verify the SEG has properly restarted, check whether the localhost returns your IP address on the proper port.Attempt to access the Classic platform (IIS) displays the following screenshot: Classic PlatformThe V2 platform displays the following screenshot: Check Local Host