Workspace ONE Express Blueprints can contain Device Feature, Application, and Data Loss Prevention policies, which, together with platform eligibility, determine which permissions are available for the device in question.

Device Feature Policies

  • Allow use of camera.
  • Allow use of Bluetooth.
  • Allow use of AirDrop/Near Field Communication (NFC).
  • Allow use of Siri or Cortana.
  • Allow Device Wipe.
  • Allow use of Google/iCloud Backup.

Application Policies

  • Allow access to the App store.
  • Allow use of YouTube – Grant access to YouTube. For Apple devices, applicable only to iOS 5.0 and earlier.
  • Allow use of Game Center – Grant your users to access Apple's social gaming network.
  • Allow untrusted applications – Enable your users to install apps that are not obtained from an official repository of apps (App Store, Microsoft Store, Google Play).
  • Allow Native Browser.

Data Loss Prevention Policies

  • Allow screen capture.
  • Allow copy/paste between applications.
  • Allow SD Card.
  • Allow unmanaged use of managed document – Managed documents refers to corporate assets. Enable this setting to allow your users to open and edit corporate content with unmanaged apps. For example, opening a Word Document using Google Docs instead of MS Word).
  • Do Not require device encryption – Remove the requirement for device encryption, a secure data storage methodology.