After you have named the blueprint, include apps so that when it is assigned to devices, your Workspace ONE Express users have access to the apps they need.

This step is optional and you can skip ahead by selecting Continue to Resources. You can select the discard apps selection at any time to return to Create a Blueprint. You can also close the entire blueprint creation session by selecting the X. Your progress is automatically saved.


  1. Select Add App.
  2. Select the Type of App to add: Add Public App, Add Web App, and Configure Office 365 (Express+ Only).
    • Add Public App

      Add an app available in any of the major app stores to your blueprint. Select among Android, Apple, and Windows Desktop.

    • Add Web App

      Add an app that links to a specific website, such as email, wiki, or online auction house.

      • You must supply the URL, Name, and App Delivery method, described in step 4.
      • When adding an application using a Google Play Store URL, additional information such as name and application icons cannot be retrieved.
      • Optionally, you can Upload Icon representing the Web app manually. Express+ users are limited to uploading icons for Android and iOS Web Apps only.
      • Android Enterprise devices must be running Android 8.0 (Oreo) or later to use Web Apps.
    • Configure Office 365 (Express+ Only)

      You must upload the XML file that contains the Office 365 configuration settings for your Windows 10 devices (Express+ Only). You can visit to generate an XML file that configures Office 365 to your needs.

  3. Select the Platforms and Country in which the app is used.
    This selection determines where Workspace ONE Express searches for the app.
  4. Search the applicable app stores for the apps you want to add. For Android apps from the Google Play Store, you must copy and paste the URL into the App URL field.
    • Apps from the Google Play Store for Android Enterprise must be approved before they can be added to a Blueprint.
    1. Select the green Approve button in the app listing of the Google Play Store.
      A separate popup window displays containing a list of elements the app has access to.
    2. Review this access list and select Approve again to proceed and add the app to the Blueprint. Alternatively, select Cancel to deny the app from your Blueprint.
    3. If you approved the app for your Blueprint, another popup window displays containing Approval Settings and Notifications. Select the settings and notification options you want to enable and select Save to apply these settings to the app.
  5. Once you have located and approved the app, you must select how you want the app to be delivered.
    • On Demand: users download

      The app must be downloaded to the device by the user. This option reduces the time it takes to push the blueprint to devices. However, it also means that the user can opt out of installing the app.

    • Automatic: system push

      The app is installed when the blueprint gets pushed to devices. This option increases the time it takes to push the blueprint to devices but it means that the app is installed automatically.

      Only Android and Apple offer these options. Users must download apps from the Windows Store.

  6. Select Continue to save your settings and proceed to the next step.
    You can alternatively go back and add another app type from step 2.