After you have added resources to the blueprint, you can define how the device is used while being managed. This definition includes a passcode requirement, length, and complexity of the passcode. This step is optional.


  1. Complete each of the policy settings that reflect your security concerns and operating norms.
    Not all options are applicable to all platforms. Consult the chart that is included on the Edit Policies page in Workspace ONE Express and the Android OEM-specific matrix.
  2. Insert check marks to enable each applicable policy setting.
    Setting Description
    Require Passcode Select whether or not to require a passcode for the device.
    Minimum Passcode Length Select the minimum passcode length from 4 to 16 characters.
    Auto-Lock (in min) Select the time in minutes that the device automatically locks.
    Maximum Number of Failed Attempts Select the number of times the user is allowed to fail to authenticate before locking the device.
    Password Complexity Select the complexity of the password, between Simple and Alphanumeric characters.
    Maximum Password Age (days) Select the number of days before the user is required to change their password.
  3. After completing each of the sections, select Continue to proceed to the next step, adding users and user groups.