After you decide which Authentication Type you want to use, you can create users in the Workspace ONE Express console powered by AirWatch. If your authentication type is based on your existing active directory structure, then consider creating Directory User Accounts.


  1. Navigate to Accounts > Users > List View and select Add and then Add User.
    The Add / Edit User page displays.
  2. In the General tab, complete the following settings to add a directory user.
    Setting Description
    Security Type Add an Active Directory user by selecting Directory as the Security Type.
    Directory Name This pre-populated setting identifies the Active Directory name.
    Domain Select the domain name from the drop-down menu.
    User name Enter the user's directory user name and select Check User. If the system finds a match, the user's information is auto-populated. The remaining settings in this section are only available after you have successfully located an active directory user with the Check User button.
    Full Name

    Use Edit Attributes to allow any option that syncs a blank value from the directory to be edited. Edit Attributes also enables you to populate the matching user's information automatically.

    If a setting syncs an actual value from the directory, then that setting must be edited in the directory itself. The change takes effect on the next directory sync. Complete any blank option returned from the directory in Full Name and select Edit Attributes to save the addition.

    Display Name Enter the name that displays in the admin console.
    Email Address Enter or edit the user's email address.
    Email user name Enter or edit the user's email user name.
    Domain (email) Select the email domain from the drop-down menu.
    Phone Number Enter the user's phone number including plus sign, country code, and area code.
    Enrollment Organization Group For Workspace ONE Express customers, this setting is pre-populated and reflects the existing organization group.
    Allow the user to enroll into additional Organization Groups. Workspace ONE Express customers have a single organization group to enroll into. If you want to inquire about upgrading to benefit from having multiple organization groups, contact Support.
    User Role Select the role for the user you are adding from this drop-down menu.
    Message Type Select the type of message you can send to the user, Email or None.
    Message Template Select the template for email messages from this drop-down setting. Optionally, select the Message Preview to preview the template and select the Configure Message Templates link to create a template.
  3. (Optional) Select the Advanced tab and complete the following settings.
    Setting Description
    Email Password Enter the email password of the user you are adding.
    Confirm Email Password. Confirm the email password of the user you are adding.
    Distinguished Name For directory users recognized by Workspace ONE Express, this text box is pre-populated with the distinguished name of the user. Distinguished Name is a string representing the user name and all authorization codes associated with an Active Directory user.
    Manager Distinguished Name Enter the distinguished name of the user's manager. This text box is optional.
    Category Select the user category for the user being added.
    Department Enter the user's department for your company's administrative purposes.
    Employee ID Enter the user's employee ID for your company's administrative purposes.
    Cost Center Enter the user's cost center for your company's administrative purposes.
    Enable Device Staging.

    Enable or disable the staging of devices.

    If enabled, you must select between Single User Devices and Multi User Devices.

    If Single User Devices, you must select between Standard, where users themselves log in and Advanced, where a device is enrolled on behalf of another user.

  4. Select Save and save only the new user or select Save and Add Device to save the new user and proceed to the Add Device page.