Setting up Workspace ONE Express is as easy as logging in to the website. Upon the initial login, a step-by-step wizard guides you through the process of configuring the software.

The Setup Wizard runs when you log in to Workspace ONE Express for the first time. If you stop and log out at any point during setup, the wizard saves your place. The next time you log in, the wizard returns you to the same spot.

Introduction and Survey

The Introduction and Survey page briefly acquaints you with Workspace ONE Express and asks you several questions about your deployment.

  1. Do you use Active Directory?

    Active Directory is Microsoft's directory service developed for Windows domain networks and is by far the most popular directory service. Workspace ONE Express also supports other directory services such as Lotus Domino and Novell e-Directory.

  2. Will your employees be using Apple devices?

    If you plan on enrolling Apple devices in the future, you can set up the APNs certificate from the Configuration menu later.

  3. Will your employees be using Android devices?

    Workspace ONE Express supports all Android devices, Legacy and Enterprise. If you plan on enrolling Android devices, you can register with Android EMM using this Wizard or from the Configurations page later.

  4. Do you plan to use an Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) to add apps?

    While you can supply apps to your devices without participating in Apple's Volume Purchase Program, the program affords some advantages that might be of value: you can purchase apps & books in volume, get access to custom B2B apps, and buy content with purchase orders.

  5. Do you want to collect device Location data?

    Privacy is important to our customers. Selecting Yes here prompts the user on their device whether they want location data collected. If the user declines, then Workspace ONE Express collects no location data. If the user accepts, then location data is collected but only for corporate-owned devices. Location data is never collected for employee-owned devices.

    After completing Setup, Express and Express+ customers can change the location setting by returning to this Express Setup page at any time.

  6. Do you want to distribute an app catalog to your devices?

    The app catalog is a bookmark that is added to the home screen of enrolled devices. You can distribute the app catalog to devices if you have on-demand applications that you want to provide to your end users to download.

You can revisit the survey questionnaire to change any of your selections, making sure you select Save and Continue when finished.

Apple Push Notification Service

If you plan to have Apple devices in your device fleet, you must establish connectivity between Apple and Workspace ONE Express before those devices are managed.

  1. Navigate to Groups & Settings > Devices & Users > Apple > APNs for MDM.
  2. Download a Certificate Request.
    1. Download the Workspace ONE Express-generated certificate request file (PLIST) by selecting the MDM_APNsRequest.plist link and saving the file to your device.
    2. Select Save.
  3. Create an Apple Certificate.
    1. Enter your corporate Apple ID. If you do not have a corporate Apple ID, you can create one from this setup page.
    2. Next, select the Apple Push Certificates Portal to sign in with your corporate Apple ID and download the PEM file. You need this PEM file for the following step.
  4. Upload the Apple Certificate.
    1. Upload the AirWatch MDM certificate file (PEM) you received from Apple.
    2. Select Save.

Android EMM Registration

You can configure your Android registration as Enterprise or Legacy but not both. To start managing Android Enterprise devices, you must register Workspace ONE Express as your Enterprise Mobility Manager (EMM) provider with Google.
  1. Select the Register With Google button to launch Google Play's Bring Android to Work registration screen.
  2. Answer the presented questions and select Complete Registration when done.
  3. You are taken back to the Android EMM Registration page in Workspace ONE Express, where the EMM registration results are displayed.
  4. Select Save to apply the registration of Workspace ONE Express as the Android Enterprise Mobility Manager with Google.

Set Up AirWatch Cloud Connector

The AirWatch Cloud Connector (ACC) Setup screen prompts you to download and run the ACC Installer.

Installing the AirWatch Cloud Connector is a three-step process.

  1. Initiate InstallShield Wizard including the certificate password.
  2. Configure a proxy server, as necessary.
  3. Complete the installation and select whether you want to show the Windows Installer log.

Once installed, it also prompts you to test the connection to the AirWatch Cloud Connector server.

Set Up Active Directory

The Workspace ONE Express Active Directory Setup screen prompts you to enter the settings for your existing active directory service, including server information and binding authentication information.

Once completed, Workspace ONE Express integrates with your existing directory service making user and device integration much easier. For more information about individual settings, see Set Up Directory Services Manually.

Set Up Apple's Volume Purchase Program

While you can supply apps to your devices without participating in Apple's Volume Purchase Program, it might be of value to your organization. You can purchase apps & books in volume, get access to custom B2B apps, and use purchase orders.

If you do not yet have a VPP account, the setup page enables you to create one. You can then upload the VPP token and Sync all your purchased apps, making them available to add to Blueprints.

For more information, see Add Applications.