You can implement key management functions for ongoing maintenance and upkeep of admin accounts by navigating to Accounts > Administrators > List View.

Display the Add/Edit Admin page by selecting the hypertext link in the user name column. This link enables you to update current roles assigned quickly or change roles within your organization quickly to keep their privileges up-to-date. You can also alter general admin information and reset a password.

You can Filter the list of administrators to include all roles or limit the listing to only a specific role you want to see.

Display the action buttons applicable to that admin by selecting the radio button next to the administrator user name.

  • View History – Track when admins log in and out of the Workspace ONE UEM console or Workspace ONE Express.
  • Deactivate – Change the status of an admin account from active to inactive. This feature allows you to suspend the management functions and privileges temporarily. At the same time, this feature enables you to keep the defined roles of the admin account for later use.
  • Activate – Change the status of an admin account from inactive to active.
  • Delete – Remove the admin account from the console. Such an action is useful for when an administrator ends employment.
  • Reset Password – Available to basic administrators only. Sends an email to the basic admin's email address on record. The email contains a link that expires in 48 hours. To reset the password, the basic admin must select the link and answer the password recovery question. This enables the basic admin to change their own password.

    Directory-based administrators must reset their passwords using the active directory system.

    Temporary administrators cannot reset their password. Another admin must delete then re-create the temporary admin account.

For more information regarding syncing of account statuses, see Directory User Status Syncing.