During Work Managed Device enrollment, Workspace ONE Express prompts the user to add an account where they must enter a special DPC-specific identifier token in the format “afw#EMM_Identifier” and automatically identifies Workspace ONE Express as your EMM provider.

Important: This enrollment flow is only for Android accounts using Android 6.0 (M+) devices.


  1. Tap Get Started on your factory reset device.
  2. Select your Wi-Fi network and login with your credentials.
  3. Enter the identifier “afw#hub” when prompted. The setup wizard adds a temporary Google Account to the device. This account is only used to download the DPC from Google Play and is removed upon completion.
    If the identifier is entered incorrectly, you are prompted to re-enter it.
  4. Tap Install and begin configuration of Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub to the device. The Hub opens automatically.
  5. Select the Authentication Method and continue enrollment.
    1. Select Server Details and enter Server, Group ID, and user credentials.
    2. Select QR Code if you have created a QR Code in the Express console.
  6. Follow the remaining prompts and complete enrollment.
  7. Any Blueprint created after registering with Android EMM initiates an automatic push to the device. The Workspace ONE Express console reports the status of Android on the users devices. You can review the Details View page to verify that Android creates successfully.