The Remote View client tool in Workspace ONE Assist allows you to only view a host device screen remotely. You can elevate to a full remote control session if you have the proper permissions from the assigned role as well as from the device end user.

This functionality requires the Remote View permission to be part of your assigned administrator roles. For more information, see Assign Role Permissions for Workspace ONE Assist Client Tools.

Think of the Remote View client tool as the "read only" component of Workspace ONE Assist. The virtual keyboard feature is unavailable. You can see what the host device end user sees but you cannot intervene unless you elevate the Remote View session to a fully remote controlled Share Screen session.

If you have an admin role with the Remote Control permission, you can initiate this elevation by selecting the Remote View button from the toolbar () and then selecting the Control Screen option (). Doing so notifies the device end user that remote control is being requested. For more information, see Privacy Notices and End-User Prompts.