You can integrate an on-premises Workspace ONE UEM environment with a SaaS build of Workspace ONE Assist, in either single customer and multi-customer deployments.

The typical use case is that a partner with multiple on-premises Workspace ONE UEM environments (with single customer or multi-customer deployments) wants to add Workspace ONE Assist service. It is simple to integrate a SaaS build of Workspace ONE Assist to your on-prem Workspace ONE UEM build.


You must have a working on-prem Workspace ONE UEM installation and a working SaaS build of Workspace ONE Assist.


  1. Update the Site URL of the External Remote Management in Settings. See Configure the Workspace ONE UEM console.

    The Workspace ONE Assist server can now communicate with Workspace ONE UEM.

  2. Generate the Workspace ONE Assist Certificates. This step must be finished no matter what deployment model you are using, but it is the first set of certificates you generate for multi-Workspace ONE UEM environments. See Supported Deployment Models.
  3. Configure End-User Devices.
  4. While logged into the Workspace ONE UEM console, navigate to Devices > List View and locate a suitable device to remotely manage. See Supported Platforms.
  5. Select that device's Friendly Name to display Device Details.
  6. Initiate a Workspace ONE Assist session on this device by selecting the More Actions button and then selecting Remote Management.


The single customer or multi-customer on-premises deployment of Workspace ONE UEM is now connected to the Shared SaaS build of Workspace ONE Assist.