You can make customized roles based on Assist functionality and assign those roles to your admins, giving them varying level of access to Workspace ONE Assist's main features, including Remote View and Share Screen.

Roles specific to Workspace ONE Assist work the same as roles in Workspace ONE UEM. Roles are made of one or more resources (or permissions). Permissions specific to Workspace ONE Assist are included in the same pool of Workspace ONE UEM permissions.

Remote View Session Elevation

A role with the right combination of permissions can give your admins the ability to elevate the current Assist session, allowing them to go from using one client tool to using another in the middle of a session.

For example, if you make a role with the Remote View and Remote Control permissions, and assign that role to an admin, then that admin can start a Remote View session, provided the host device supports such functionality, and elevate that session to a remote control session simply by using the Main Menu Toolbar.

Such elevation reflects the natural progression of many Remote View sessions, where the admin completes an initial troubleshooting phase only to discover they require the full range of abilities afforded to them by the Share Screen client tool.