You must enable your Android Enterprise enrolled COPE (Corporate-Owned, Personally-Enabled) devices to work with Workspace ONE Assist before they can be remotely controlled.

On Samsung COPE devices, remote control is disabled by default within All Work Profiles under Android 9.0 (with Knox versions earlier than 3.4.1) and Premium Work Profiles under Android 10.0 or later (with Knox 3.4.1 or later). You can enable remote control on these work profiles by installing the KNOX Service Plug-in together with the appropriate OEM Config policy. For more information, see How Do You Enable Remote Control with Samsung Knox Service Plugin and Full Remote Control Support by Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Model, Android.

With the introduction of Knox version 3.4.1, Samsung has enabled remote control on non premium Work Profiles by default. This is available on Samsung devices under Android 10.0 and later.

A Knox Premium License is necessary to enable remote control on Work Profiles with Knox versions earlier than 3.4.1.


  • On COPE Enrolled devices, the Assist agent always behaves as an Attended agent. Even if the Unattended agent is pushed to the device, the Assist agent continues to behave as an Attended agent due to the presence of the Work Profile.

The Workspace ONE Assist Agent is available at


  1. From the Workspace ONE UEM console, use Apps and Books or Product Provisioning to add the Workspace ONE Assist agent as a managed internal application. For more information about App Management, see the VMware Workspace ONE UEM Application Management Life Cycle Guide.
  2. From the Workspace ONE UEM console, use Apps and Books or Product Provisioning to add the OEM-specific Assist Service as a managed Internal application. This step is required to enable remote control on all supported OEMs except Samsung and Sony. For more information about Product Provisioning, see the VMware Workspace ONE UEM Product Provisioning Guide.
  3. Create a smart group that includes these Android Enterprise enrolled COPE devices.
  4. Assign the agent and OEM-specific Assist Service to the smart group you created. For more information about Smart Groups, see the VMware Workspace ONE UEM Console Basics Guide.

    All the guides mentioned above can be found on

What to do next

On Samsung COPE devices, the Personal profile and Work profile can be remote controlled. Proceed to Start an Assist Session.