You can add a value (binary, dword, qword, string, multi-string, or expandable string) to the registry of your Windows CE device using the Registry Editor included with Workspace ONE Assist.

The registry editor is arranged with Keys listed on the left side panel and Values listed on the right side panel. The key you have selected is the key for which you are making a new value.


You must start a remote management session. For details, see Start an Assist Session and select Registry Editor when prompted.


  1. With the correct key selected in the left side panel, select the 'Hamburger menu.'
    A menu displays showing options for making new keys and values, renaming keys and values, and deleting keys and values.
  2. Alternately, you can select the Plus Sign circled in red to create a Value.

  3. Select the type of Value you want to add.
    • Binary Value
    • DWORD (32-bit) Value
    • QWORD (64-bit) Value
    • String Value
    • Multi String Value
    • Expandable String Value
    The right side panel displays, featuring the options you must complete to create the value you selected.
  4. Complete the Value Name and Value Data options then select Save.