Listed are the requirements that must be met to launch the remote support sessions using Workspace ONE Assist directly from the Horizon Cloud console.

Minimum Requirements

Ensure the Horizon Cloud and the virtual devices comply with the listed minimum requirements for a successful remote support session.

Horizon Cloud
  • Supported on Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure and cloud-connected Horizon pods VMC, AVS, GCVE, and on-prem.
  • For Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure:
    • Minimum version of Microsoft Azure pod should be 2747.
    • Horizon agent version should be 2103 and later.
  • For Cloud-connected Horizon Pods:
    • Connection server and the Horizon agent must be 2103.
  • The Workspace ONE Assist function is enabled by default for the Helpdesk Admin Role/Tenant Admin Role.
    Note: The Workspace ONE Assist button appears dimmed and unavailable on the Horizon Cloud console if the minimum requirements are not met and also if:
    • Workspace ONE Assist for Horizon agent is not installed on the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).
    • Horizon agent installed is 2102 or earlier.
    • VM is a Windows 10 multi-session and Windows server multi-session.

Virtual Device

  1. Supported on Windows 10 single session – Dedicated and Floating Pool.
  2. Supported on Windows 10 – Anniversary Edition or later and .Net Framework 4.6.2 or later
  3. Assist for Horizon agent 21.06 or later must be installed on the VDI separately.
  4. Outbound port 443 must be open on the VDIs.
Note: On a Floating Pool, rebooting or signing out of a VDI during the session disconnects the remote session. The Helpdesk admin can restart the session from within the Horizon console.

Regional Control Plane Instances and Assist Servers

The table provides the mapping between the Horizon Cloud Service Regional Control Plane instances and the Assist servers.

Regional Control Plane Instance Region or Type Assist Server Instance Assist Server Region or Type

Production Azure us-west-2

Prod-North America (USA)

Production Azure northcentralus

Prod-North America (USA)

Production Azure uksouth


Production Azure japaneast Prod-Japan

Production Azure eu-central-1


Production Azure northeurope


Production Azure ap-sourtheast-2

Prod-Asia pacific

Production Azure australiaeast