VMware Workspace ONE Assist for VMware Horizon is a real-time remote employee support solution that enables IT and help desk staff to support employees with virtual desktop task and issues remotely. With Workspace ONE Assist for Horizon, support staff can quickly launch support sessions and remotely view and control virtual desktop directly from the Horizon Universal console.

Note: Workspace ONE Assist for Horizon is supported only on Windows 10 devices.


Workspace ONE Assist for Horizon offers the following features:
  • Remotely view and control the remote device screen in real-time.
  • Notify employees when their screen is visible and enable them to pause the session for enhanced privacy.
  • Capture screenshots and record sessions for escalations and training.
  • Highlight items and guide employees through tasks with screen draw.
  • View a virtual version of the desktop's keyboard to support various keyboard layouts and languages.
  • Access and manage files and folders.
  • Access the in-app chat to communicate with end users and other collaborators more efficiently.
  • Access the remote shell and run commands.
  • Access shortcuts that provide one-click access to commonly used apps and device settings.
  • Collaborate with Subject Matter Experts and Application developers to resolve issues quickly using the collaboration tool.
Note: VMware collects data such as analytics through Workspace ONE Assist. This data helps VMware to improve the product functionality. For information about how VMware handles the collected data, see https://www.vmware.com/help/privacy.html.

Supported Deployments

  • Purchased Workspace One Assist for Horizon add-on SKU. This is separate from the Workspace Assist for Workspace ONE UEM.

  • Supports Horizon Cloud on Azure & cloud-connected Horizon pods VMC, AVS, GCVE, on-prem, and so on.

  • Supported on Windows 10 single sessions.