You can use Workspace ONE Campus to reserve meeting spaces, cancel reservations, and view reservation history.

Reserve a Meeting Space

Take the following steps to reserve a meeting space using the Workspace ONE Campus app.

  1. Run the mobile app.
  2. Select Reserve a Space.
  3. The Reserve a Space screen displays two options, Date and Office. Use these options to specify when and where you want to reserve meeting space.
  4. Select Choose a Date and choose a day from the calendar for your meeting.
  5. Select Save.
  6. Select Choose an Office and the Select Office screen displays all the offices across all sites for your firm. Select a specific office where you want to hold your meeting.
  7. The View spaces button at the bottom shows you how many spaces are available based on your selections. You can change the Date and Office selections to display different availability.
  8. Select the View spaces button to proceed. A list of spaces display that are available in the selected office on the selected day.
    • If you want to see only spaces that offer a specific feature such as dual monitor, you can filter the listing of spaces by selecting the Filter icon () in the upper-right corner of the screen.
    • Filter the listing by Floor, Space Type, and Features.
    • Finalize your filters by selecting the View spaces button. The filtered listing displays.
  9. Select a space that meets your needs.
  10. Select Reserve to book the space.
  11. Select Done from the You're All Set screen to return to the Home screen.

View Pending Reservations and History

  1. Select View all reservations. The Your Reservations screen displays with Upcoming and Past buttons at the top.
  2. Select between Upcoming and Past to change the view between reservations made in the past and future reservations.

Cancel a Reservation

  1. View the list of all reservations using the above procedure.
  2. Select the reservation from the listing you want to cancel.
  3. Select Cancel Reservation.

Settings and Notifications

The settings tab lets you send feedback for troubleshooting, access the server name, the GroupID, and the Access URL. You can also access all the logging information for support assistance.

Note: Notification options are controled by the device OS. See the device Settings > Notifications to change Workspace ONE Campus notifications settings.
  1. Select the Settings icon, which is your account avatar in the upper-right corner of the home screen.
  2. Select Account, Support, About (for app version information), and Send Feedback.