You can use the Workspace ONE Campus admin console to manage all elements of a site, its buildings and spaces, and track the reservations made by mobile app users.

Columns, Sorting, and Filtering

Navigate to Site Management to view the site listing.

  • Add or Remove Columns – Select the column selection icon () to add or remove columns from the site listing.
  • Sort by Column – Select the column header in the site listing to toggle between ascending and descending order.
  • Filter – Select the filter indicator () and enter the search parameter. The active filter applies changes to the listing as you type. To reset the filter, select the active filter indicator () and delete the search parameter.

Edit Site Details

You can change details about a site such as the address, site administrator name, email, and phone number.

  1. Navigate to Site Management.
  2. Enable the checkbox to the left of the site name.
  3. Select the Edit button. The Add New Site screen displays, prepopulated with the its existing details.
  4. Complete the changes you want to make, scroll down to the bottom, and select the Update button.

Manage Reservations

You can view the number of active reservations, check the occupancy level, and see how many cancellation you have for each site. At the current time, only full day reservations are supported. When a user reserves a meeting space, the locale of the site determines the day of the reservation, not the locale of the app user.

  1. Navigate to Site Management > Reservations.
  2. View the Active Reservations, Occupancy Level, and Cancellations above the reservation listing.
  3. Filter the reservations by the following parameters:
    • Date
    • Status
    • Building
      • Floor
    • Space
    • User

Edit Multiple Spaces in a Single Session

See Apply Edits to Multiple Spaces.