In order for the Workspace ONE Campus app to work, you must configure your device to be managed by Workspace ONE UEM.

In Workspace ONE UEM, you must create a platform-specific Custom SDK Profile for all targeted platforms (Android and iOS).

  1. While logged into the Workspace ONE UEM console, navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > Apps > Settings and Policies > Profiles and select the Add Profile button followed by SDK Profile and the platform of choice (Android or iOS).

    Result: The Add a New <platform> Profile screen displays.

  2. In the left-side pane, locate and select the Custom Settings tab.
  3. Select the Configure button.
  4. Select anywhere inside the Custom Settings text box and enter the following JSON code. Be sure to replace the bold example text with your actual Campus Services URL, using the secure socket layer variant https://
    {"campusServiceEndpoint":"<https://Campus Services URL>"}
  5. In the left-side pane, locate and select the Authentication tab.
  6. Select the Configure button.
  7. Enable the Single Sign-On check box.
  8. In the General tab, use the Managed By drop-down to select the organization group which you want to manage this SDK profile.
  9. Select Save.

Repeat this task for each applicable platform.