If you are using Office 365 and want to perform certificate-based authentication (CBA), you must enable certain settings in the Workspace ONE Boxer profile.

Office 365 or Exchange online does not directly support certificate-based authentication. You must set up dual authentication, that is, modern authentication and CBA, to set up certificate-based authentication for Office 365. You must have Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS) set up to perform certificate-based authentication. Office 365 authenticates through the modern authentication and certificate is presented to ADFS for authentication.

You must also enable modern authentication and certificate-based authentication using the AccountUseOauth setting in the Workspace ONE Boxer profile. See the Workspace ONE Boxer Admin Guide documentation for more details.

Supported EWS Authentication Methods with Office 365

The following EWS authentication methods are supported with Office 365:
  • OAuth 2.0 (Exchange Online only)
  • NTLM (Exchange On-premises only)
  • Basic (no longer recommended)
Refer to the relevant Microsoft Office 365 documentation for more details.