Before you install ENS in an on-premise deployment, you must configure the Cloud Notification Service (CNS) and download the configuration .xml file using the Workspace ONE UEM console.


  • Download the CNS public certificate from
  • Navigate to the System > Advanced > Secure Channel Certificate and select Download CNS Secure Channel Certificate Installer if the UEM console is on-premise. Open a support ticket with the VMware Support and provide the secure channel certificate file through the support ticket.
  • Assign the db_owner role and public role to the SQL server user that is used for running the application. ENS supports any version of the SQL server. The database option must be selected for the external database and you must set the collation to SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_Cl_AS. For more information on creating the Workspace ONE UEM database, see the Create the Workspace ONE UEM Database topic in the Installing Workspace ONE UEM guide.
  • Set up the SQL Server AlwaysOn for active/active or active/passive setup for the high availability configuration. If you are using AlwaysOn, point to the availability group when selecting the database server during the ENS2 installation. See the Overview of Always On Availability Groups (SQL Server) topic for more information.
Note: To proceed with the ENS2, your console version must be 9.3 or later. If the Download Installer is displayed when your are configuring and downloading the configuration files, then your console version is less than 9.3 and this installer is for the earlier version of ENS. See the VMware Email Notification Service Installation guide for instructions and detailed information.


  1. Select the required Organization Group and navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings.
  2. From the System column, select Advanced, and then select Site URLs.
  3. (On-premise UEM console only) From the site URLs values page, select Cloud Notification Service URL and add
  4. (On-premise UEM console only) - If the Workspace ONE UEM console is deployed on-premise, then you must upload the CNS certificate.
    1. From the left navigation, select System > Security > SSL Pinning.
    2. Select ADD HOST. In the Add Pinned Host, enter the host as
    3. Select Upload and upload the CNS certificate you downloaded earlier.
  5. From the Settings page, select Email and then select Email Notification.
  6. To enable Email Notification, select Yes and then click Save.
    After the settings are saved, the Download Configuration option is displayed.
  7. Select Download Configuration.
  8. Enter a password in Certificate Password. to download the configuration.
    The password is required to download the configuration and must be provided again during the ENS installation.
  9. Select Confirm Password, reenter the password, and click Download.
  10. Save the archived .xml file to be accessible for the upload during the ENS installation.