You can configure the ENS2 settings using the configuration key and configuration value provided by the Workspace ONE UEM console.

The following image shows the ENS2 settings when configured without EWS URL and with the EWS URL.

ENS2 settings configured without the EWS URL

ENS2 settings configured with the EWS URL

The following table lists the Workspace ONE UEM console configuration keys and values for ENS2.

Configuration Key Value Type Configuration Value
ENSLinkAddress String

Specify the URL address of the ENS server.

  • For cloud deployments, the URL must be Based on your region, VMware provides the resolved name or IP address .
  • For on-premises deployments, the URL must be, where is the IP address or domain name for your ENS server.
ENSAPIToken String VMware provides the API token to enable the ENS service. For the on-premises installation, the on-premises installer creates this token.
AccountNotifyPush Boolean This value must be True.
EWSUrl String Enables manual configuration of the Exchange Web Services (EWS) endpoint when the autodiscovery is disabled in your Exchange environment. Even for deployments where the autodiscovery is enabled, you must prefer to configure this option. The value of this option is your EWS endpoint. For example, (for Office 365)