Configure the ENS2 with the application configuration values. You can configure settings for the ENS2 using the configuration key and configuration value provided by the Workspace ONE UEM.

The following table lists the application configuration keys and the configuration values for ENS2.

Configuration Key Value Type Configuration Value Description
ENSLinkAddress String

Supported format:

Replace with the resolved name or IP provided by VMware based on your region.

Sample link address:

  • For AMER -
  • For APAC -
  • For EMEA -
  • For UK -

The URL address of the ENS server. Provide the address for the ENS2 system for your users to connect.

For Cloud customers, the address must be (or any of the ENS Cloud URLs or API endpoints).

For on-premise customers, the address must be in the following format: https:/// Here, is the IP or domain name of your ENS server.

ENSAPIToken String Sample API token - da848cc9340034843ecdjdad11048461q VMware provides the API token to activate the ENS service. For the on-premise installation, the on-premise installer creates this token.
AccountNotifyPush Boolean

False - disable (default)

True - enable

Enables ENS for the account.
EWSUrl String

Supported Format:


Sample EWS URL:

Enables manual configuration of Exchange Web Services (EWS) endpoint when the autodiscovery is disabled in your Exchange environment.
PolicyLimitNotificationText Integer

0 - sets notification to sender, subject, and preview.

1 - sets notification to sender and subject (default).

2 - sets notification to sender.

3 - sets notification to a generic message (new message).

4 - sets notification to none (only the badge is updated).

To configure the ENS notification policy for Workspace ONE Boxer, add the following key value pair. When configured, Workspace ONE Boxer immediately resubscribes to the ENSv2 and notification policy is updated as per the set key value.