Before you begin the migration, ensure that the cloud ENS server can access the Exchange server. To verify the access, permit two way communication between the ENS cloud server and the Exchange server.

When you migrate from the ENS on-premises server to the cloud server, update the following Boxer profile configuration in the Workspace ONE UEM console Boxer app settings:

  • Update the ENSLinkAddress in the appropriate cloud URL.

  • Update the ENSAPIToken with the token provided for cloud.

Note: To migrate from FedRAMP ENS on-premises server to the cloud server, you must update the AMER Federal URL. Contact VMware Support to receive the ENSAPIToken. VMware provides the API token to activate the ENS service.

During migration, the users must unregister from the on-premises ENS server and migrate to the cloud ENS server. After all users migrate to the cloud server, you can shutdown the ENS on-premises server.

All users must resubscribe their devices after migrating from on-premises ENS to cloud ENS. When a new Boxer profile is pushed to the device, Boxer sends a new register device request to the ENS cloud based on the updated ENSLinkAddress URL.

Note: If users are unable to unsubscribe from the previous ENS server, that is the on-premises ENS server, then users might start receiving duplicate notifications for the new emails. Therefore, you must deactivate the on-premises ENS server to ensure users are not receiving duplicate notifications.

ENS2 Application Configuration for Workspace ONE UEM Console Versions 2008, 2010, and 2011

The following screenshot displays the ENS2 configuration in the Boxer app assignment page for Workspace ONE UEM console versions 2008, 2010, and 2011.

Boxer email settings

The following table describes the ENS2 configuration options that are applicable for Workspace ONE UEM console versions 2008, 2010, and 2011.

Settings Description

(Enable – Disable toggle)

Activates or deactivates ENS2 in Workspace ONE Boxer.
ENS2 Server Address For ENS2 to communicate with the federal services, use the following URL:
ENS2 API token VMware provides the API token to activate the ENS service. For the ENS2 on-premises installation, the installer generates the ENS2 API token.

Sample API token - da848cc9340034843ecdjdad11048461q

Notification Content Configure the information to be displayed in each incoming mail notification alert.

The EWS URL configuration is optional, but it is recommended you configure the EWS URL. You can configure the EWS URL in the Email Settings page as shown in the following screenshot. For more information, see the Assign and Configure Workspace ONE Boxer Using the App Assignment Page section in the Workspace ONE Boxer Admin Guide.

Boxer add email accounts

The following table describes the EWS URL option.

Settings Description
EWS URL Enables manual configuration of the Exchange Web Services (EWS) endpoint when autodiscovery is deactivated in your email environment.

Supported format: https://[external_email_server_domain]/EWS/Exchange.asmx

Sample EWS URLs: