If you have chosen to retain the password, then you can configure the settings to set up the preferred password length.

Workspace ONE UEM does not provision passwords for newly enrolled devices or modifies the password for the devices that change status when the email compliance policies are disabled.


You must have configured the initial Gmail deployment settings.


  1. Navigate to the Email > Settings and select the wrench icon.
  2. Disable the Use Default Settings to enter the preferred length of the password in the Google Random Password Length field.
    By default, the Use Default Settings check box is enabled. Minimum accepted character is 8 and maximum is 100.
  3. Select the Rotate Profiles on Unenrollment check box to automatically rotate the password and profiles of the existing devices whenever a device is unenrolled.
    Also, if an administrator needs to manually rotate profiles and passwords outside of enrollment or compliance, then navigate to the Accounts > Users, select a user, click MORE ACTIONS, and select the Rotate G Suite password option.
  4. Click Save.