Organizations using the Gmail infrastructure may be familiar with the challenge of securing email endpoints for Gmail and preventing mail from circumventing the secure endpoint. Workspace ONE UEM provides you with an end-to-end solution that enables you to fully integrate your Gmail infrastructure without compromising security.

Integrating your Gmail infrastructure with Workspace ONE provides the following benefits:

  • Flexible configuration while maintaining tight integration
  • Email monitoring and management
  • Customizable access control
  • Google Sync support

For more information on Google Sync, see

Understanding Google Sync Integration Methods

Integrate Google Sync infrastructure using the Workspace ONE UEM end-to-end solution to securely integrate, access, and manage your email.

To suit your business needs, you can integrate Google Sync in different ways by using the different deployment models offered by Workspace ONE UEM. The integration methods you choose require configuring of certain settings on the UEM console. To know more about these integration methods, see Deployment Methods to Integrate your Google Sync Infrastructure topic.

Google Sync Setup

To start managing your Google users with Workspace ONE UEM, you also require Google specific settings and permissions. To know how to set up these permissions and enable settings, see Create an Admin Role for Gmail Integration.

Manage Devices

To effectively monitor and manage your devices, you can use the Email Compliance Policies, Email Dashboard, and the List View page on the UEM console . Not all the email policies and the actions performed from the dashboard are applicable for all the integration methods. To know the applicable email policies and dashboard actions, see the Deployment Methods to Integrate your Google Sync Infrastructure

Requirements for Google Sync Deployment

You must fulfill the Workspace ONE UEM requirements in order to successfully integrate your Gmail infrastructure with VMware Workspace ONE UEM.

Note: Disclaimer - Integration with third party products is not guaranteed and dependent upon the proper functioning of those third party solutions.
  • Google admin account with Super Admin permissions.
  • API Access to Gmail.
  • End users must accept the Google end-user license agreement.
Note: The Gmail provisioning API version 2.0 and the new Directory API are not FIPS compliant.