Configure EAS and Credential profile using Workspace ONE UEM console.


  1. Navigate to Devices > Profiles > List View in the UEM console. Create a new profile for Android or iOS. Assign the profile a Friendly Name. Be aware of the Assignment Type and the target users who receive this profile when you publish the profile. Make additional changes to the General Settings as per your requirement.
  2. Select the Credentials payload and then select Configure. Select Defined Certificate Authority and then select your CA and template that are configured.
  3. Select the Exchange ActiveSync payload. Enter the Exchange ActiveSync Host. The Exchange ActiveSync Host is the public DNS name of the SEG server.
  4. Select Use SSL.
  5. Set the Payload Certificate to Certificate #1.
  6. Remove any entries in the Domain and Username text boxes. Set Email Address to the desired lookup value.
  7. Select Save or Publish if you are ready to push the profile to devices.