In the PowerShell model, Workspace ONE UEM adopts a PowerShell administrator role and issues commands to the Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) infrastructure to permit or deny email access based on the policies defined in the UEM console. PowerShell deployments do not require a separate email proxy server and the installation process is simpler.

PowerShell deployments are for organizations using Microsoft Exchange 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, or Office 365.

PowerShell Office 365 Model  

There are two ways in which the PowerShell commands are issued depending on where the Workspace ONE UEM server and Exchange server are located :
  • Workspace ONE server is on the cloud and the Exchange server is on premise - Workspace ONE UEM server issues the PowerShell commands. The VMware Enterprise Systems Connector sets up the PowerShell session with the email server.
  • Workspace ONE UEM server and the email server are on premise - Workspace ONE UEM server sets up the PowerShell session directly with the email server. Here, there is no VMware Enterprise Systems Connector server required unless the Workspace ONE UEM server cannot communicate with the email server directly.

PowerShell Exchange Model

For assistance in choosing between the Secure Email Gateway and PowerShell deployment models, see the Workspace ONE UEM Recommendations section .