With Workspace ONE PIV-D Manager for iOS with XTec, users can import additional certificates from Workspace ONE Web. This feature allows the use of multiple certificates for different scenarios.


  • Use Workspace ONE PIV-D Manager v1.5.1 or later.
  • Use Workspace ONE Web v7.11 or later.


  1. Admins add KVPs to the respective apps.
    • Add the KVP EnableManualCertificateImport to the Workspace ONE PIV-D Manager app as true in the Workspace ONE UEM console.
    • Add the KVP EnableCertificateShare to Workspace ONE Web as true in the Workspace ONE UEM console .
  2. On devices, users open Workspace ONE Web, navigate to the applicable certificate, and download it.
  3. On devices, users open the certificate in Workspace ONE PIV-D Manager.
  4. Users follow the Workspace ONE PIV-D Manager app prompts to import the certificate.
    Some certificates have passwords so Workspace ONE PIV-D Manager prompts for this value to decrypt the certificate.


Workspace ONE PIV-D Manager lists the certificate in the UI and synchronizes the certificate to device profiles configured with derived credentials.