Meet the prerequisites for the Workspace ONE UEM console and device operating systems to deploy and use the Workspace ONE PIV-D Manager app with your derived credentials implementation.

Minimum Software Requirements

  • Workspace ONE UEM console v9.7 or later
  • Workspace ONE PIV-D Manager
    • iOS - v1.5.1
    • Android - v1.5

End-User Device Operating System Minimums

  • iOS 11 or later
  • Android
    • Android (Enterprise) - 6.0 or later
    • Android (Legacy) - 6.0 or later
    • Android (for Samsung KNOX) - 7.0 or later

Required Tasks

Perform multiple tasks to use Workspace ONE PIV-D Manager to integrate your derived credential solution with Workspace ONE UEM.
  1. Admins add, assign, and publish the Workspace ONE PIV-D Manager app to devices. The app receives the derived credential certificates on the device from the Workspace ONE UEM console.

    When you assign the Workspace ONE PIV-D Manager app, you can enter app config values to pre-configured and show a specific PIV-D provider and to show custom instructions.

  2. Admins add, assign, and deploy a device profile with a credentials payload. The device profile gets the certificates from the Workspace ONE PIV-D Manager app so that the device uses the derived credential solution for authentication, signing, and encryption as configured.
  3. Device users install and configure Workspace ONE PIV-D Manager for the desired PIV-D provider. The amount of manual configuration depends on the use of app config parameters.