Workspace ONE UEM provides you the flexibility of integrating multiple PowerShell deployments with a specific VMware AirWatch Cloud Connector server from a list of VMware AirWatch Cloud Connector servers that have been configured for the child organization groups.

This integration allows you to connect to multiple domains seamlessly. Multiple VMware AirWatch Cloud Connector is enabled by default. This option is available for Workspace ONE UEM administrators and system administrators only. Also, this option is available only if you have child organization groups configured for a particular organization group.

By default, PowerShell integrations use an VMware AirWatch Cloud Connector configuration that is available at the current organization group or inherited from a parent organization group. In the PowerShell configuration wizard, you can select a specific configured VMware AirWatch Cloud Connector to integrate with that PowerShell deployment. From the Airwatch Cloud Connector Configuration for PowerShell integration drop-down, you can select from the listed configured VMware AirWatch Cloud Connector.

MEM Configuration