This topic describes how efficiently you can use Workspace ONE WEB to enhance your browsing experience.

Fix login issue of Workspace ONE Web

When upgrading Workspace ONE WEB for Android from an obsolete version, such as 6.4 or 6.5, to the most recent version, you might encounter the login issues. You can fix this issue by clearing the application data before proceeding with the login process. To do so, first upgrade your Web app to the latest version, then proceed as follows:

  1. Enter valid credentials. When you enter the details, you are prompted with an Unable to Sign-in popup with options CANCEL or CLEAR DATA.

  2. Select CLEAR DATA. Upon selecting you are prompted with Clear Application Data popup.

  3. Select CONFIRM. It clears all the data of Web app.

  4. Relaunch the Web app and enter your valid credentials to login successfully.

Set Permission to allow the Website to Use Camera or Microphone

When accessing camera or microphone for a website on Workspace ONE Web, you are prompted with a permission dialog box to allow website to use camera or microphone. If a webiste requiring camera or microphone is used frequently, you need to accept the permission everytime. You can choose to remember the permissions for a website using the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Workspace ONE WEB for Android.

  2. Enter the website URL which requires camera or microphone permission.

    A pop-up is displayed asking if the website should allow or block the camera or microphone.

  3. Select the checkbox Remember my choice to allow or block the camera or microphone usage on the website.


    If you are loading the same website again, your choices will be remembered and you will be proceeded further. If you are loading a different website, again a pop-up is displayed to select your choices.

Upload files from Workspace ONE Content repositories

If configured by your admin, you can upload files or documents from the Workspace ONE Content repositories or local storage to the web applications opened in Workspace ONE Web browser. While uploading a file in Web app, in the native file picker you must select the Content app to browse and upload files. Make sure the Content app is open or unlocked and running in the background before selecting it to upload files.

Rate your Web app

You can now rate your Web app experience on Play Store right from within the app. The app prompts you to rate the experience at various points in your journey of using the app. This feedback helps the product team improve the app and continue to provide you a great experience.

Select Themes in Workspace ONE Web

You can view the Web app in different themes like dark or light to suit your requirements. To do so, go to the Web app's Settings > Theme and then choose the Light or Dark option. The System default option is the default theme that has been set on the device. If a website does not support dark mode, the Web app settings cannot override it.