Kiosk Mode limits browsing to the homepage and its available links

Following are the key features available in Kiosk mode.

  • Forward/Backward– Navigate forward and backward through previously visited web pages.
  • Home– Return to the Workspace ONE Web homepage as configured by your administrator.
  • Tab– If set by your administrator, you can view and add multiple tabs to open multiple websites.
  • Refresh– Reload the website pages.
  • Support – Use Support to send email logs when Workspace ONE Web is in Kiosk mode. To do this, press the home button for 5 seconds, that further triggers the Support screen from which you can send email logs.



    Web User Guide

    Access the user guide for help with your Workspace ONE Web application.

    Copy LogID

    Copy log unique identification number.

    Enable rage shake

    Enable this feature to prevent accidentally invoking the Support screen from where the user can send logs.

    In Kiosk mode, QR code icon () is available only in multi-tab view and is accessed from the URL bar.
  • You can open and view PDF files within the Workspace ONE Web app without installing a separate PDF viewer app on the device.
Note: The URL address bar or navigation controls are visible on your screen, depending on how your admins have configured them.