Bookmarks can be viewed on the home screen as tiles based on your administrator’s configurations.

Web clips that your organization has pushed can be viewed as bookmarks. Some webclips are opened in full screen mode, if your administrator configures it. To switch back to normal screen mode, either access the Workspace ONE Web again or open a new tab.

To refresh the webpage in full screen mode, you can pull down the webpage.

Access any of the following options from the bookmarks view.
Icon Definition
Managed View bookmarks that your administrator has pushed to your device.
Personal View and manage personally bookmarked sites.
Edit a personal bookmark.
Add a personal bookmark.
Search bookmarks.
Scan a QR code.
  • QR code icon is accessible only from New Tab page view. Upon clicking the icon, the scanner opens and scans the QR code.
  • When QR code is detected, the associated website is launched. If QR code does not lead to a website, the text embedded in the QR code is displayed on the page, where you can copy the text to a clipboard or search the text verbatim.