Restricted mode is an optional setting that controls the content that the user can see.

  1. Navigation Bar - Enter the URL that you want to navigate using the default search engine.

  2. Refresh - Reload the current webpage.

  3. Forward/Backward - Navigate forward and backward through previously visited web pages.

  4. Menu - Select to view additional options.

  5. Home - Return to the Workspace ONE Web homepage configured by your administrator.

  6. Tabs - Display all open pages.

Menu Options

Use additional menu options to customize your browsing experience.




Access bookmark page to view managed and personal bookmarks.

The Web Clips that your organization pushes to the Workspace ONE Web also appears as bookmarks under Managed bookmarks. These Web Clips are visible on your device’s home screen and on the Workspace ONE Web landing page.


View the downloaded files from the website. The downloaded file can be shared as an attachment in email using Workspace ONE Boxer, or tap opened to view in supported third-party apps, or deleted from the Downloads section.


View browsing history to monitor the sites your web accesses.


Access additional app management actions.

Add Bookmark

Add selected websites as favorite bookmarks. The favorite bookmarks are added to the personal bookmark section in the Bookmarks page. The added bookmarks can be edited or deleted later. If enabled by your organization, the personal bookmarks that you add on a device syncs across the Workspace ONE Web on all your other enrolled devices.


Access share options to share web links from the web through email using approved apps.

Find in Page

Search for a content or text in the page.

Desktop mode

Enable the desktop view of the sites you browse in the current tab. Leave disabled to continue viewing sites in the mobile view.

View your bookmarks

Bookmarks can be viewed on the home screen as tiles based on your administrator’s configurations.

Web clips that your organization has pushed can be viewed as bookmarks. Some webclips are opened in full screen mode, if your administrator configures it. To switch back to normal screen mode, either access the Workspace ONE Web again or open a new tab.

To refresh the webpage in full screen mode, you can pull down the webpage.

Access any of the following options from the bookmarks view.




View bookmarks that your administrator has pushed to your device.


View and manage personally bookmarked sites.

Edit a personal bookmark.

Add a personal bookmark.

Search bookmarks.

Scan a QR code.

  • QR code icon is accessible only from New Tab page view. Upon clicking the icon, the scanner opens and scans the QR code.

  • When QR code is detected, the associated website is launched. If QR code does not lead to a website, the text embedded in the QR code is displayed on the page, where you can copy the text to a clipboard or search the text verbatim.

View your Downloaded Files

Access any of the following options from the Downloads section.



Tap to send multiple downloaded files as attachments through Workspace ONE Boxer or delete selected files from the list of downloaded items.

Delete the selected file.


Use additional application management actions to personalize your browsing experience.




View the network location of your organization’s instance, your username, group id, and check for Workspace ONE Web updates.

Search Engine

Tap the set a different search engine than the one that appears by default.

Desktop mode

Enable to request a desktop view of the websites you browse or disable to continue viewing sites in the mobile view.

Clear Browsing Data


  • Cookies from websites.

  • Cache to enhance web performance and reduce perceived lag time.

  • Browsing history.


Privacy details – Displays the web privacy dialog screen (scrolling enabled). When configured by your administrator, you can access your company’s privacy policy from within Workspace ONE Web.

Data Sharing – Changes the Data Sharing setting. When disabled, the data sharing screen is not displayed, and no data is collected from the device to optimize the app experience.


Integrated Auth Cert – Displays the details of certificate used for authentication or for proxy to help with troubleshooting issues. You can also re-fetch or renew the certificate.


Use the Workspace ONE Web support primarily to view the Web User Guide or to copy logs to the device clipboard for future reference.

Tabs View

Access any of the following options from the tabs view.



Close a single tab.

Add a new tab.


Use the Workspace ONE Web support primarily to view the Web User Guide or to copy logs to the device clipboard for future reference.



Web User Guide

Access the user guide for help with your Workspace ONE Web application.

Copy LogID

Copy log unique identification number.

Enable rage shake

Enable this feature to prevent accidentally invoking the Support screen from where the user can send logs.