Mobile flows is a framework designed for enterprise companies to bring the micro applications on their employees devices to surface contextual information and perform actions on various business systems. It helps the device users to perform tasks across multiple business backend systems within VMware applications enabling users to be more productive while maintaining enterprise security and organization compliance regulations on the cloud and on the edge. Mobile flows eliminates the need to visit multiple websites to perform different business tasks. Provides user-specific micro applications that streamline the data flow such as quick data entry, data retrieval, approvals, and making business decisions.

Architectural Overview

Figure 1. mobile flows Architecture

Components of mobile flows

The mobile flows architecture has three primary components:

  • The mobile flows server - Is the heart of the entire system that is responsible for logic, connector discovery, and returning data to the requesting client.
  • The connector - Is used to connect to the business system, request the data, perform the interactions as requested by the client, and contains the logic for how the card must appear on the client. For example, a Salesforce card might be displayed in the Workspace ONE Boxer application where users can see important information and also take required action on Salesforce right from the mobile flow card. You can create your own connectors or customize the open source pre-built connectors. You can also use the out-of-the-box (OOTB) connectors such as SalesForce and ServiceNow which are hosted on the VMware's servers.
  • The client-side framework - Is responsible for rendering the card on the client to display the contextual information, along with the required input to take the required action.

Use Cases

You can build connectors to address a variety of needs within an organization. You can provide different types of notifications, bring up contextual cards within the Workspace ONE Boxer application, or make actions available to users to perform operations from the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub.

See Mobile flows Use Cases for more information.