You must configure the MobileFlows_Server_Template to fetch the user-specific access tokens. This is the first step before configuring mobile flows.

When using connectors for client applications, Workspace ONE Access is used to authenticate the transfer of information. If your environment consists of Workspace ONE Access, you can create a MobileFlows_Server_Template template to fetch the user-specific access token. For more information on Workspace ONE Access, see the Workspace ONE Access Administration Guide.


  1. Log in to the Workspace ONE Access console and navigate to Catalog > Settings > Remote App Access > Templates.
  2. Check if the MobileFlows_Server_Template exists. If the MobileFlows_Server_Template does not exist, then enter the following fields to create a template.
    Field name Value
    Template ID MobileFlows_Server_Template
    Application Workspace ONE Access
    Scope Select Email, Profile, User, and OpenID
    Redirect URI https: //
    Token Type Bearer
    Token Length 32
    Issue Refresh Token Selected
    Access Token TTL 1 day
    Refresh Token TTL 90 days
    Idle Token TTL 10 days
    User Grant Do not select the check box
  3. Click Add to create the template.

What to do next

From the Workspace ONE UEM console, register the tenant in the mobile flows server.