Trust Store includes root certificates from trusted Certificate Authorities (CA) that are used to validate certificate presented by the server in SSL connection.

With the websites of self-signed SSL certificate, untrusted website warning messages appeared upon access. To avoid such error messages to appear in the users device, you can provide the trust store certificate with the SDK applications to support the trusting websites with the self-signed SSL certificates. Users can use self-signed SSL certificates for their websites without any untrusted site errors.

Push down certificates to unmanaged devices using SDK profiles.


  1. Navigate to Groups and Settings > > All Settings > Apps > Settings and Policies > Profiles.
  2. Create an SDK profile, If not exist.
  3. Select the SDK profile in which you want to push the self-signed certificate.
  4. Navigate to Credentials.
  5. Upload the Self-Signed Certificate.
  6. Save the changes.
  7. Navigate to Groups and Settings > > All Settings > Apps > Workspace ONE Web.
  8. Select the SDK Profile in iOS or Android SDK Profile field and save.