Learn how to configure, deploy, and manage Workspace ONE Web using the Workspace ONE UEM console, and get familiar with Web on iOS and Android platforms.

What is Workspace ONE Web?

Workspace ONE Web is a secure and managed web browser that lets users seamlessly access their internal corporate web applications and resources on their mobile devices. It offers your organizations a manageable and secure alternative to device-native web browsers. Workspace ONE Web runs on iOS and Android devices.

Admins can deploy and customise Workspace ONE Web through the Workspace ONE UEM console. The configurations specified by admins determine how the app behaves when it is installed on a device.

Explore the Workspace ONE Web Documentation

Look through the following resources to understand how to administer and use Workspace ONE Web.

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What are the Benefits of Using Workspace ONE Web?

Find out how Workspace ONE Web can help you be more productive at work.

Experience secure browsing

Workspace ONE Web separates business data from personal data and manages security policies while keeping your information private.

Avoid the trouble of connecting to a VPN

Workspace ONE Web gives you on-the-go access to your company's site and intranet without requiring you to explicitly connect to a VPN.

Manage your favourite and frequently visited websites

Bookmark your favourite enterprise apps and websites, or quickly find admin-pushed bookmarks for applications in one place.

Scan QR codes instantly

Navigate to the browser's URL address bar, tap the code on the right, enable camera access, and your device is ready to scan!

How Secure is Workspace ONE Web for your Enterprise?

Workspace ONE Web offers a secure browsing experience by providing complete encryption of data at rest and in-transit with AES 256-bit encryption. It uses disk level encryption to protect the downloaded files and Web settings. Admins can configure Web to allow or disallow users to access specific web pages, enforce restrictions on copying or pasting content, enable or disable cookies.

Workspace ONE Web works on the following configurable levels.

  • Application Level – Secures Web at the application level by requiring you to authenticate with a passcode, biometrics, or Active Directory credentials. You can also enable single sign-on.
  • Tunnel Level – Uses the VMware Tunnel certificates to encrypt traffic. Only enrolled and compliant devices are given access to VMware Tunnel.
  • Website Level – Deactivates integrated authentication to require you to authenticate when accessing internal sites.

Workspace ONE Web supports routing all its traffic through VMware Cloud Web Security (CWS) to provide additional web security through CWS's capabilities like URL filtering, content filtering and more. Admins can configure Web's in-built tunnel to route the traffic through a Secure Access service instance and attach CWS security policy with that. For more information about CMS, see VMware Cloud Web Security Documentation.

What are the Requirements for deploying Workspace ONE Web?

You must meet the following minimum requirements to deploy and use Workspace ONE Web on your device.
Supported Platforms
  • iOS 10 and later.
  • Android 8 and later.
Supported Broker Apps
  • VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub
  • AirWatch Container
Hardware Requirements Samsung DeX (S8 and higher, Note8, and S9 and higher)
SDK Settings Requirements Prior to configuring the SDK, install VMware Tunnel, or integrate an existing third party equivalent with Workspace ONE UEM. Please see Choosing an App Tunnel more information on meeting this requirement.