Securely browse your company's intranet, scan QR codes, and manage your favorite bookmarks with Workspace ONE Web on Android.

Workspace ONE Web works in either of the following two modes based on the admin configuration:

  • Default Browsing Mode
  • Kiosk Mode
Let's get acquainted with the user interface and features available in Workspace ONE Web in both modes.
Note: Workspace ONE Web for Android does not support Kerberos authentication over HTTP. For more information, see Workspace ONE Web for Android withdrawal of support for Kerberos over HTTP.

Use Web in Default Browsing Mode

The Default Browsing mode provides a secure browsing experience and includes the following key features.
Table 1. Home Page
Interface Elements Descriptions
Search Bar Enter the URL that you want to navigate using the default search engine. You can use Paste and Go option to open a copied link and the Paste and Search option to search for copied text.
Forward/Backward Navigate forward and backward through previously visited web pages.
Menu Select to view additional options.
Home Return to the Workspace ONE Web home page that your administrator has configured. If the home page is set to blank, all bookmarks and recently viewed pages appear as tiles on the home page.
Tabs Preview You can add new tabs or delete existing ones. To use tabbed browsing for multiple web views and to access the QR code icon from the URL bar, open a new tab page. Also, selecting a bookmark can open a new tab.

Manage your Bookmarks

Bookmarks option appear on the More Menu. This option makes your work easy to access frequently used web pages, saving your time and effort from having to navigate through multiple bookmarks.

  • All managed and personal bookmarks are alphabetically sorted by default. You can also search them by title or URL.
  • If the bookmarks do not have icons, the Bookmark page displays the first letter of the title set by you or your administrators as the bookmark icon.
  • On a new tab, you can rearrange and organize your bookmarks.
  • Web clips that your organization has distributed can also be viewed as bookmarks.
Bookmarks Actions Descriptions
Personal View and manage personally bookmarked sites.
Managed View bookmarks pushed to your device from your administrator.

Edit the Name and URL of a personal bookmark.

Upload new icon Upload a new icon or replace an existing icon for a saved personal bookmark. By default, the favicon of the bookmarked page is displayed.
Search personal or managed bookmarks.
Delete all personal bookmarks.

Add Widget for Bookmark

You can include a device widget that displays the bookmarks configured in the Web app. This feature allows you to launch the Web app faster in Workspace ONE Web directly from the device's home screen, making it easier to access bookmarks. Widget displays the bookmarks from both Personal and Managed section.

Table 2. View Additional Options in Web
Interface Elements Descriptions
Edit bookmark View web clips distributed by your organization. Some webclips open in full screen mode if your administrator has enabled it. You can return to normal screen mode by reopening Workspace ONE Web or opening a new tab. Pull down the webpage to refresh it in full screen mode.
Downloads View your downloaded files in the download manager. You can delete the files or open them in apps that are permitted by your administrator.
History In Web, you can view your browsing history. If you don't want a record of the Web sites you visit, you can delete all or some of your browsing history.
Settings You can use the Settings option in provided in the Menu grid to configure web to meet your needs.
Fullscreen Mode Enable this option to view full mode.
Share Based on your administrator’s Workspace ONE UEM console settings (DLP policies), you can access share options. From these options, you can copy and email your link or print the page.
Find in Page Search for required text in the webpage.
Enable Desktop Mode Enable this option to request a desktop view of the sites you browse. Leave disabled to continue viewing sites in the mobile view.
New tab Select this option to get a new tab.
Settings Interface Elements Descriptions

About Know about the Workspace ONE Web app.
Account View the network location of your organization’s instance, your username, group id, and check for Workspace ONE Web updates.
Search engine Tap the set a different search engine than the one that appears by default.
Enable desktop mode Enable to request a desktop view of the websites you browse or disable to continue viewing sites in the mobile view.
Clear Browsing Data This option clears:
  • Cookies from websites.
  • Cache to enhance web performance and reduce perceived lag time.
  • Browsing history.

Privacy details – Displays the web privacy dialog screen (scrolling enabled). When configured by your administrator, you can access your company’s privacy policy from within Workspace ONE Web.

Data Sharing – Changes the Data Sharing setting. When disabled, the data sharing screen is not displayed, and no data is collected from the device to optimize the app experience.

Advanced Integrated Auth Cert – Displays the details of certificate used for authentication or for proxy to help with troubleshooting issues. You can also re-fetch or renew the certificate.
Support Use the Workspace ONE Web support primarily to view the Web User Guide or to copy logs to the device clipboard for future reference.
Table 3. Get Support
Support Interface Interface Elements Descriptions

Web Android User Guide Access the user guide for help with your Workspace ONE Web app.
Copy LogID Copy the Log id.
Email logs Send your Web logs over email.
Send feedback Provide feedback to enhance your experience with Web.

Using Web in Kiosk Mode

Kiosk Mode limits browsing to the homepage and its available links. The following are the key features available in Kiosk mode
  • Forward/Backward– Navigate forward and backward through previously visited web pages.
  • Home– Return to the Workspace ONE Web homepage as configured by your administrator.
  • Tab– If set by your administrator, you can view and add multiple tabs to open multiple websites.
  • Refresh– Reload the website pages.
  • Support – Use Support to send email logs when Workspace ONE Web is in Kiosk mode. To do this, press the home button for 5 seconds, that further triggers the Support screen from which you can send email logs.
    Actions Definition
    Web User Guide Access the user guide for help with your Workspace ONE Web application.
    Copy LogID Copy log unique identification number.
    Enable rage shake Enable this feature to prevent accidentally invoking the Support screen from where the user can send logs.
    In Kiosk mode, QR code icon is available only in multi-tab view and is accessed from the URL bar.
  • You can open and view PDF files within the Workspace ONE Web app without installing a separate PDF viewer app on the device.
Note: The URL address bar or navigation controls are visible on your screen, depending on how your admins have configured them.

Optimize Your Browsing Experience with Android Web

You can boost your browsing experience by using the following tips and tricks.

  • Fix login issue of Workspace ONE Web

    When upgrading Workspace ONE Web for Android from an obsolete version, such as 6.4 or 6.5, to the most recent version, you might encounter login issues. You can fix this issue by clearing the application data before proceeding with the login process. To do so, first upgrade your Web app to the latest version, then proceed as follows:

    1. Enter valid credentials. When you enter the details, you are prompted with an Unable to Sign-in popup with options CANCEL or CLEAR DATA.
    2. Select CLEAR DATA. Upon selecting you are prompted with Clear Application Data popup.
    3. Select CONFIRM. It clears all the data of Web app.
    4. Relaunch the Web app and enter your valid credentials to login successfully.
  • Set permission to allow the website to use camera or microphone

    When accessing camera or microphone for a website on Workspace ONE Web, you are prompted with a permission dialog box to allow website to use camera or microphone. If a website requiring camera or microphone is used frequently, you need to accept the permission each time. You can choose to remember the permissions for a website using the following steps:

    1. Navigate to Workspace ONE Web for Android.
    2. Enter the website URL that requires camera or microphone permission. A pop-up is displayed asking if the website must allow or block the camera or microphone.
    3. Select the check box Remember my choice to allow or block the camera or microphone usage on the website.
    Note: If you are loading the same Website again, your choices are remembered and you will be proceeded further. If you are loading a different website, again a pop-up is displayed to select your choices.
  • Upload files from Workspace ONE Content repositories

    If configured by your admin, you can upload files or documents from the Workspace ONE Content repositories or local storage to the web applications opened in Workspace ONE Web browser. While uploading a file in Web app, in the native file picker you must select the Content app to browse and upload files. Make sure the Content app is open or unlocked and running in the background before selecting it to upload files.

  • Select Themes in Workspace ONE Web

    You can view the Web app in different themes like dark or light to suit your requirements. To do so, go to the Web app's Settings > Theme and then choose the Light or Dark option. The System default option is the default theme that has been set on the device. If a website does not support dark mode, the Web app settings cannot override it.

  • Securely Access URLs

    You can enhance your secured browsing experience with the following features of Workspace ONE Web:

    • When you load a URL with no scheme, Workspace ONE Web makes HTTPS as a default scheme and loads the website.
    • When you access a URL with HTTP, a warning is displayed saying the connection is not secure and not to exchange any critical information on that website.
    • There is an admin configuration which can enforce all the URLs to load with HTTPS scheme.

Rate and Review your Experience with Workspace ONE Web for Android

You can rate your Web app experience and leave a review on Play Store right from within the app. The app prompts you to rate the experience at various points in your journey of using the app. This feedback helps the product team improve the app and continue to provide you a great experience.

Adjust Text Size of your Websites

You can set a page zoom percentage for all web pages loaded within your Workspace ONE Web app. To do so, click the menu button and then select the Text Zoom option to change the size of the text on the opened website. For the page zoom level, you can choose from 50% to 200%. The default is 100%. When you modify the page zoom percentage, the option honors the change when you load/reload a web page in Web. For example, if the page zoom percentage is 75%, the web page loads at 75% zoom in Web.