All device log settings in Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch are configured through the log_config.cfg file located in the "\Program Files\AirWatch" directory. When this file is opened up and viewed in Notepad, it appears with the following text and options.

      log_file_path=\Program Files\AirWatch\Logs
      use_local_time=false [aw_setup]trace_level=5max_file_size_kb=256files_to_keep=2log_file_path=\use_local_time=false [awregisterdevice.exe]trace_level=3max_file_size_kb=256files_to_keep=2log_file_path=\Program Files\AirWatch\Logsuse_local_time=false [awapplyprofile.exe]trace_level=5max_file_size_kb=256files_to_keep=2log_file_path=\Program Files\AirWatch\Logsuse_local_time=false [awremotecontrol.exe]trace_level=1max_file_size_kb=256files_to_keep=2log_file_path=\Program Files\AirWatch\Logsuse_local_time=false

The first setting group that appears under the asterisk is the default configuration settings for all logs available on the device.

Trace levels vary from 1 to 5. A level of 1 provides the most basic and least amount of information. Developers use Level 5 for debugging purposes since it provides all available messaging. There is a tradeoff between the trace level and the log size. A higher trace level increases the size of the log files due to messaging increase. The trace level that is set in the default section applies to all log files on a device.

You can keep the default log level low and still increase the log level for the four options below the default log level. Specify the log level for each of the options if you select to use a different trace level than the default level.

The logs available on a device vary based on what is configured and the OEM of the device. The following log files are generally available on Windows Rugged devices.

  • aw_setup – Provides logging information relating to the AWMasterSetup utility. The AWMasterSetup utility initiates the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub install and uninstall process on a device. This log file is the only log file that is not located in the "\Program Files\AirWatch" directory. The log is instead located in the root of the file system.
  • awacmclient – Provides logging information relating to the AWCM client on the device.
  • awapplicationmanager – Provides logging information relating to product provisioning.
  • awprocesscommands – Provides logging information relating to the execution of MDM commands and installation of profiles.
  • AWService – Provides information about the AWService.exe component, which is responsible for managing beacon and interrogator samples.
  • awapplyprofile – Relates to installation of the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub settings XML file which occurs during the enrollment process.
  • awregisterdevice – Provides information about the registering of the device that occurs during the enrollment process.
  • awapplauncher – Provides information about the Application Launcher executable. This log only applies to devices using the App Launcher.
  • fusionwlansetup – Provides information about configuring and setting up the Fusion Wi-Fi driver on Motorola devices.