Workspace ONE UEM supports enrolling and managing Microsoft HoloLens devices. You must use the native enrollment and management functionality to manage your Windows HoloLens devices.

Prepare Your HoloLens Devices for Workspace ONE UEM Management

Before you can manage your HoloLens devices using Workspace ONE UEM, you must apply the Licensing XML file to the devices. If you are using HoloLens 1 devices, you must apply the file before enrolling. For more information on applying licensing, see This step is not required for HoloLens 2 devices.

Enroll Your HoloLens Devices

You can enroll your Microsoft HoloLens devices into Workspace ONE UEM using native management functionality. You must use native Windows 10 enrollment methods as HoloLens devices do not support Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub functionality. For more information, see Native MDM Enrollment for Windows Desktop.

Manage Your HoloLens Devices

After enrolling, you can apply supported profiles to your HoloLens devices using Workspace ONE UEM. For a list of the supported CSP, see