When the Workspace ONE application is installed on devices, users can sign in to Workspace ONE to securely access a catalog of applications that your organization enabled for them. When the application is configured with single sign-on, users do not need to reenter their sign-in credentials when they launch the app.

The Workspace ONE user interface works similarly on phones, tablets, and desktops. Workspace ONE opens to a Launcher page that displays resources that have been pushed to Workspace ONE. Users can tap or click to search, add, and update apps; right-click on an app to remove it from the page, and go to the Catalog page to add entitled resources.

If an app requires device enrollment, Workspace ONE uses adaptive management to start the enrollment process for the end user. For more information on Workspace ONE, see Setting up the VMware Workspace ONE Application on Devices available on the VMware Identity Manager Documentation Center (https://docs.vmware.com).