Windows Hello provides a secure alternative to using passwords for security. The Windows Hello profile configures Windows Hello for Business for your Windows Desktop devices so end users can access your data without sending a password.

Protecting devices and accounts with a user name and password creates potential security exploits. Users can forget a password or share it with non-employees, putting your corporate data at risk. Using Windows Hello, Windows 10 devices securely authenticate the user to applications, Web sites, and networks on the behalf of the user without sending a password. The user does not need to remember passwords, and man-in-the-middle attacks are less likely to compromise your security.

Windows Hello requires users to verify possession of a Windows 10 device before it authenticates with either a PIN or Windows Hello biometric verification. After authentication through Windows Hello, the device gains instant access to Web sites, applications, and networks.

Important: Windows Hello for Business requires Azure AD integration to work.