Device profiles configure a number of printer-specific options such as location, connection timeout, printer speed, and print darkness.

To configure the device settings:

  1. Select Device from the options on the left.
  2. Select Configure.

  3. Settings Description
    Device Location Provide a name that describes the physical location of the Zebra printer.
    Enable CPH Select the check box to enable a clean print head alert. The time interval is determined by the value you enter in the CPH Interval field.
    CPH Interval Enter a value that represents the number of meters of print media that passes through the Zebra printer before a clean print head alert is triggered. Enter 0 (zero) if you did not check the Enable CPH check box, otherwise enter a value from 0 to 65,535 meters (215,009 feet 10 7⁄64 inches).
    User Specific String Variable (role) Presently, this field is not used.
    User Specific String Variable

    Presently, this field is not used.


    Download Connection Timeout (second) Enter time from 0 (zero) to 65535s (18h 12m 15s) before Zebra printer will timeout after losing connection with Zebra Print Server while performing a firmware download.
    Media Speed Enter a value of 1.0 to 5.0 for the speed in inches per second that you want media (e.g., label, thermal paper, etc.) to travel through the Zebra printer. You can enter a decimal up to one digit (e.g., 2.5).
    Printer Darkness Enter a value of -100 to 200 to adjust the level of print darkness.
  1. Select Save and Publish to deploy the profile immediately.