When troubleshooting a Zebra printer, it is helpful to print a configuration report for reference. The configuration report provides details on what is wrong with the working of the printer. To print a report, press and hold Feed while pressing Power On.

The following table provides details on the various issues encountered by Zebra printer users and the actions to be taken to encounter the same.

Issues Actions to be taken
Clicking Soft Reset does not reboot the Zebra printer or other commands that require an action fail. The connection between the Zebra printer and Zebra Print Server is lost or has not been successfully established. Reestablish the connection and retry the Soft Reset.
Zebra printer not showing signs of receiving a profile The printer profile was not successfully pushed to the device. Save and publish the profile again. Then, reboot the printer.
“Pending Registration” still appears in the UEM console after installing the signed Zebra certificate. Verify that the certificate was installed in the same directory location used to create the certificate and reinstall the certificate if needed.