Configuring a Wi-Fi profile allows devices to connect to corporate networks, even if they are hidden, encrypted, or password protected.

To configure the Wi-Fi settings:

  1. Select Wi-Fi from the options on the left.
  2. Select Configure.

    Settings Description
    Service Set Identifier (SSID) Enter the Service Set Identifier network name for the Print server connection with the Wi-Fi.
    Security Type Select the appropriate security type for the connection.
    Username Enter the User name for the account.
    Password Enter the password for the account.
    Identity Certificate Select the Identity certificate for authenticating the connection.
    Root Certificate Select the Root certificate for authenticating the connection.
    Enable Dynamic IP Addressing Enable the check-box for the IP address to change automatically at a predetermined time frame.
    IP Protocol Select the IP Protocol type for the printer to communicate with the Print Server (BOOTP, DHCP, DHCP and BOOTP, or All).
    Primary Communication Port Enter the primary port number for the Print Server and the printer communication.
    Secondary Communication Port Enter the secondary port number as an alternate port in case the primary communication port is inactive.
    Settings Only Port Enter the port number for transmitting Print Server configurations to the printer.
    Enable Connection Timeout Enable to set the time interval for Wi-Fi connection between the Print Server and printer to timeout.
    Connection Timeout (sec) Enter the time interval in seconds before the printer times-out after losing Wi-Fi connection with the Print Server.
  3. Select Save & Publish.